What We Do?

Dog Walking

If there’s one thing that all dogs love its to get out for a walk, rain or shine they love it!! Without regular walks, any dog can become depressed and unwell. We offer group walks or individual walks, long walks or short walks, off the lead or on the lead, whatever your pooch likes we can do it. They can even have a swim with their doggy pals if they want!

Day Care

If like most of us you have to work very hard for a living and your poor pooch is stuck at home watching the clock until you get back, then we can offer Doggy Day Care! We will collect your dog in the morning, usually between 8am and 10am, then keep them all day until between 4pm and 5pm, giving them at least 2 one-hour walks and lots of playtime with their doggy pals. (Times can be altered to suit your schedule, Day care service is only available within 5 mile radius of Bingley).

Puppy and Kitten Care

Most people dream of having a little puppy or kitten, but it doesn’t always seem possible because like with many things work gets in the way, well we won’t let it. We will come late morning to see your little loved ones, we’ll clean up any accidents, give them lots of cuddles and have some play time. Then mid afternoon we’ll come back and do it all over again!! If your Pup can go for a little walk we’ll do that as well!

Animal Feeding / Holiday Service

If you’ve got so much to do and you are worrying about fitting it all in, well we’ll take one thing off your hands. We can feed dogs, cats and any other small animals. According to your instructions we will make sure they get their grub!! If you’re going away on holiday and leaving the little pets at home to guard the house then we will also increase the security in your house by making it looked lived in, moving post, curtains, putting bins out, switching lights on and off, whatever you want.

Pet Chauffeur Service

Does your pet need a lift? We all know pets can’t drive or take the bus for that matter. So if you’re too busy to give them a lift, we’ll do it!! More often than not it’s a ride to the vet or the groomers, not a problem! We’ll drop them off and pick them back up, if it’s the dreaded vets we’ll even stay with them and let you know what the vet says.